My name is Pablo Ruiz and I am a professional photographer based in Santander, Spain.

I am passionate about landscape and night photography, travelling and getting to know new places.

I always liked to observe the environment around me. Those seconds when you don't think about anything and just look at and enjoy a landscape.

It wasn't until a few years ago that someone had the brilliant idea of giving me my first reflex. This is when I started in this photography. Since then, they have been very intense years. I was immediately hooked, and little by little I gained experience and training.

Many hours behind the camera, trips and unique places. Moments to remember and friends that I have been discovering in this time, coming to transform my life without a doubt.

I currently manage:

Organizing and planning different trips and photo workshops in collaboration with travel agencies.

I share this passion with like-minded people by teaching them how to capture those special moments and places.

Thank you very much for visiting my website

Santander - Cantabria - Spain
Winner “LA PALMA 2019” 11th International Astrophotography competition.